A full service creative & digital marketing agency.

Est. 1996

Titan Creative Inc. was founded 19-years ago by Scott Lanaway, President & Creative Director. Based in Toronto, Titan Creative Inc. serves a variety of local, provincial and national clients with strategic consultation and ongoing creative design studio services.


Our core offerings include:

–  Creative Consultation and Development

–  Graphic Design Services (Print/Digital/Web)

–  Branding (Development and Application)

–  Copywriting

–  Content Marketing Strategy

–  Advertising (print, online, out-of-home)

–  Print Fulfillment and Delivery

–  Digital Collateral Creation (web/video/PDF)

–  Event Messaging & Branding

–  Print and Digital Asset Management and Updates

–  Video And Multimedia Presentations






Our design studio produces print and digital items such as:

–  Brochures, Info Sheets, Sales Sheets, Offers

–  Custom Promotional Collateral

–  Bill inserts, Direct mail

–  Guidebooks, Manuals

–  Event Materials, Posters

–  Promotional Materials

–  Signage

–  HTML Invitations, Newsletters, Sites, Banners

–  Interactive PDFs

–  PowerPoint

–  Advertising Creative

–  Print Fulfillment And Delivery

–  Photography (original/stock)

–  Fast-turnaround custom items

–  Comprehensive Marketing Communications support




Titan Creative Inc. helps companies like yours with strategic thinking, brand building,
and design fulfillment for all kinds of advertising and marketing communications projects –
big and small. We love our clients, and love what we do. We think you'll like working with us.

Scott has a B.A. in Cultural Studies from McGill University. Founded by Scott in 1996, Titan Creative has allowed Scott to merge his interest in strategic communications with creative design. Since then, Scott has developed a reputation for reliability, value, and insight as a Creative Director.

Scott is also a musician, having  written, recorded and released music that has been heard on Muchmusic, MTV, VH1, A&E and CBC Radio, among others.

In 2011, Titan Creative received a Summit Award for it’s work on Allstream Inc.’s national sales Welcome Kit package, and again in 2014 for brand identity for Stubbe Chocolates, and for Collateral Redesign and Branding for the University of Toronto.

President & Creative Director

Scott Lanaway

Our lineup of content specialists, writers, designers, production artists, coders, event vendors, and print suppliers ensures that you will benefit from years of combined specialized experience from industry veterans.

You'll receive a responsive, personalized service with less layers of communication – and less cost – than with traditional large agencies.

Our mandate is to bring
continual value to our clients through:

1. Ensuring that the key messaging of every communications piece is served well by the design.

2. Always meeting deadlines and offering fast-turnarounds when required.

3. Maintaining brand consistency.

4. Listening to key stakeholders and valuing perspective and input.

5. Keeping communications assets well-organized so that updates are easily administered.

6. Delivering projects on-budget.

7. Maintaining a positive attitude under every circumstance, and building strong relationships with our clients.



Trust experience.

We offer a wide range of services. Our clients have been trusting us for years to do everything from coming up with the next great communications theme or creative hook, to tracking and managing large libraries of marketing communications collateral on an ongoing basis.

Creative Consultation and Development

We help you communicate effectively. How? First, we listen. We absorb everything about your business, your brand, your product, and your service that make you unique in the marketplace. We explore and develop strategies to communicate your value proposition in ways that resonate, generate curiousity, and drive engagement.

Everybody is selling something – and everybody is being sold something. In a world of over-saturation in communication, it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that people will be more likely to respond to more information. In reality, this often dilutes the message. Good design is about making your value proposition clear, and about making your audience care enough to want to engage further.

The work we do is never about us, or proving to you how clever we are – it's about finding clever ways to add value for you. We are creative, brand-conscious, experienced, value-driven, and we can handle expedited timelines when needs dictate. Bottom line – you'll enjoy working with us!

Graphic Design Services for Print / Digital / Web

We offer day-to-day graphic design services for almost every type of execution imaginable. From printed products like brochures, books, manuals, posters, sales sheets... all the way to digital products like HTML newsletters, web banners and interactive PDFs.

Our years of experience with pre-press ensure that files are set up correctly for print output, and that printed products live up to the quality and standards that our clients expect.

We use all the latest software, and are able to work with legacy formats when required.

We handle multilingual executions for our clients on a regular basis, and have reputable translations services on-hand as required.


We offer strategic consultation and creative services in brand identity creation, as well as rejuvenation for existing brands. We are also good at 'brand policing' – this is what we call the daily, unglamourous, but critical job of ensuring that brand standards are met in a consistent way across a variety of executions.


Whether you are looking for that elusive hook that will spur interest and response, or need content for an e-book, info sheet, brochure, or white paper – we've got you covered.

Print Fulfillment &
Digital Asset Management and Updates

We manage large volumes of communications collateral using a coded system that allows versions to be tracked down easily for updates.

We work with our print partners to ensure print and delivery of materials across the country as required.

If you need event posters and brochures created and delivered to multiple locations across the country in a couple of days, we'll handle that. If you need a custom pocket folder created for offset printing, we'll handle that. If you need an on-line storefront to house your collateral, along with some customizable variable-print items, we'll handle that.

In short, we'll be able to get you whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Video / Multimedia / Apps

We create videos to help tell our customer's stories. Interviews, illustrations, service demos - we can give you whatever you need. In addition, our clients frequently ask for help in the creation of PowerPoint presentations.


Government mandates requiring that web and digital communications (websites, videos, PDFs) adhere to WCAG 2.0 standards, are now coming into full effect. We can help you address these requirements by ensuring that collateral meets required Success Criteria levels (A, AA, AAA). Having a strategy and mechanism in place for WGAC 2.0 implementation will help you mitigate any risks of enforcement, and will help ensure that information about your products and services is available to everyone.

Our work.

Some examples of the many types of projects we handle for our clients:

“I’ve worked with Titan Creative for the past 10 years producing a variety of different collateral including case studies, white papers, offer sheets and product brochures. Scott always works within our branding guidelines and brings forward creative ideas that support our customer-friendly approach. He is extremely accommodating and has turned things around within very tight timelines making us feel like we’re his number one client. He’s not just a vendor but an extension of the Allstream team. Over the years, Titan Creative has never disappointed me or my team and I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for communications and design support.”

Denise Pontes

Senior Marketing Manager

Allstream Inc.

We have proudly served clients including:

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